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The body positivity movement has brought in a new era of ‘cosmetic surgery positivity’, allowing those who have had cosmetic treatments to embrace their procedures and talk about them openly. With the rise of accessible cosmetic procedures, it seems easier than ever to change the way we look. However, these trends of desirable body shapes are forever changing.

In the 90s, slim models like Kate Moss were hailed as having the 'ideal' body type, and the 2010s saw celebrities like the Kardashians popularise the curvier body type. These body types are so vastly different from each other, but have both been viewed as the ‘ideal’ body type - so how do we know what the next trend will be?

This accessibility and newfound openness of the cosmetic procedure world may seem like a step forward for body positivity, but may in fact be the opposite.

We take a look back through the decades and see how beauty standards have changed as the years progress.

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